Ashish weds Poorva

After spending a lot of hours and months for your wedding day. All those months of planning; of tons of decisions; with family and friend, meetings with family, wedding planner ,photographer, caters and the hundreds of hours of shopping finally come together on this day. The couples who are getting married, we’re sure you’ll go through all these emotions on your wedding day. *It's my day, I’m getting married! It’s my wedding day. I’ll be married by tomorrow. OMG, OMG,OMG! *At the time of bidai, family,relatives get more emotional;mostly the bride and maa.. * A bit overwhelming, running from one ritual to another, you suddenly find yourself at the mandap and find yourself thinking, “Is it time for the pheras seriously?” * Is everything going ok? was a big question...“I hope the decor is how it was promised by the planner. Is the car-o-bar functional? I hope everything is going to be OK. Where has dad disappeared?” - These and 1000 other thoughts will cook up your mind on that day. *On a particular day you’ve felt so blessed and loved that you never felt in your entire life. So many hugs, so many kisses, so many blessings ,and so much love. The entire mob is here to see you get married, and there’s so much warm love is in the air. No wonder you’re tearing up!